NOC full form in english - No objection Certificate 2022-23

NOC full form in English means No Objection Certificate. NOC is a kind of legal document that states that an individual, organization, or agency, has no objection to a particular mentioned detail in the Document.

NOC full form in English 

An Individual, agency, organization, etc. can issue a no objection certificate (NOC) for any consent. The NOC certificate plays a very vital role in Government organizations. We can use Noc for employment, trade, Immigration, etc. to nullify any objection by the concerned party. Now we understand what is the NOC full form in English.

Let’s try to understand with an Example – Suppose you’d like to buy a Bike. While buying anything, there is the involvement of two parties the seller and the Buyer. Suppose the seller belongs to Uttar Pradesh and the buyer belongs to Bihar.

To sell Uttar Pradesh-registered Bike the seller will make a NOC (No objection Certificate) from the RTO of Uttar Pradesh and issue the same document to the buyer.

What is the purpose of NOC?

No objection certificate is a document that states there is no objection on a particular mentioned detail. Suppose you’ve purchased a vehicle from the owner of another state and the seller will provide you a NOC letter that states that there is no due objection to running the vehicle in another state and there is no Tax due on the vehicle.

How to get NOC from RTO (Regional transport Office) for a vehicle?

Visit the RTO office. The vehicle owner needs to visit RTO’s office personally with the required documents.

Fill and Submit Form 28 along with the required documents. You will need to pay Rs. 100 to RTO for No objection application. (The fee can vary). Next, after submitting the NOC application to RTO, the transport office will take a report of the vehicle from the local police to know whether the car involves in any criminal cases. Once the transport office gets the clearance from the local police authority, then they will issue a No objection certificate to the owner of the Vehicle along with a receipt of clearance.

Note: RTO can take 3-5 working days to issue a No objection certificate after submitting the NOC form along with required documents.

Necessary Documents Required to get NOC for a Vehicle

  1. Vehicle original RC (registration certificate)
  2. Valid Vehicle insurance policy document (if any).
  3. NOC form 28 print.
  4. Pollution Certificate (PC).
  5. Permit and fitness certificate for Commercial Vehicle.
  6. Photo of Identify proof and address proof.

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