ICSE syllabus full form and subject

The ICSE syllabus full form is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. ICSE is an examination conducted by CISCE (Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations), a private board established to dispense with the General Education Path Examination, in accordance with the recommendations made by the New Education Policy, 1986, via the medium of English.

The council has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

icse full form subject

Council (CISCE):

The Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a non-governmental, private school education board in the country. The Council continues to update its methodologies in the field of education to provide a fresh look to ensure the delivery of high quality and effective teaching and learning techniques. They are always keen to adopt new curricula, curriculum frameworks and assessment systems to make the education system challenging and interesting to develop the potential of the child to the peak.

Council divisions

ICSE (Class Xth):

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination was created to provide an examination in the context of general education. School education is assumed for 10 years (grades 1-10). Set in accordance with the recommendations of the 1986 New Education Policy, via the medium of English. At ICSE, students are required to appear for a total of six topics and make a socially useful product.

ISC (Twelfth Semester):

The Indian School Certificate Examination is designed to be pursued after studying a two-year course following the ICSE exam or equivalent. The test was prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the New Education Policy, 1986, with English as its medium. All students enrolled in the course must appear for English as a compulsory subject with 3 to 5 electives and a passing score in productive, socially useful work and community service that has become mandatory.

CVE (Year 12):

The Professional Education Certificate Examination is designed to support and prepare students for specific careers. This was created under the due recommendations of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Ministry of Human Resource Development) via the Joint Council for Vocational Education (JCVE) with English as its medium.

Private candidates are not allowed to sit for any of these exam

ICSE syllabus full form

Group 1 (Compulsory subjects)


Second Language

History/Civics & Geography

Science Application

Group 2 (Any 2/3 subjects)


Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Commercial Studies


Environmental Science

A Modern Foreign Language

A Classical Language

Group 3 (Any 1 subject)

Computer applications

Technical drawing





Hindustan Music

Carnatic Music

Instrumental music

Physical Education

Economic applications

Commercial Applications

Mass media and communication

Modern foreign language

Environmental Applications


Performing Arts

Advantages of the ICSE Board

ICSE follows a comprehensive curriculum with few compulsory subjects and a list of elective subjects to be selected. Subjects in ICSE were divided into three main groups. It aims to embed problem-solving skills in students.

Teaching methodology: ICSE follows an application-based teaching methodology where the focus is more on practical training rather than just theoretical concepts. It enriches the analytical skills of its students.

Teacher Training: CISCE organizes multiple online programs to provide the necessary training and mentorship for teachers. Training includes mentoring teachers in areas of educational interests, innovative teaching practices, updated curricula, and management skills required in imparting quality education to students.

Awards: CISCE conducts various competitions and awards to make schools and teachers understand the art of creativity and the vital role of expressing one’s ideas in verbal and written education in school education.

Global Competitive Exams: The board provides quality training for competitive exams and prepares its students to stand side by side with the most intellectual minds.

Privileges for Children with Special Needs: The Board gives special consideration to candidates who are disabled in a certain way and makes arrangements to assist them so that their performance during the ICSE and ISC examinations is not affected.

The ICSE score is released by considering the scores in the best five out of six subjects, where English scores are mandatory.

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